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Please contact us directly for the following:

WIB Governance 

Contact: Michael Delucchi, at michaeldelucchi@wib.org or (415) 352-3223.

Conference and Event Logistics; Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • WIB membership
  • Co-sponsorship of educational events
  • WIB conferences and summits logistics
  • Office administration
  • Exhibiting, sponsorship or advertising opportunities at WIB conferences
  • Chairman's Circle sponsorship

Contact: Ray Smith, Senior Vice President, Events Management/CAO, at ray@wib.org or (415) 352-3224.

Products & Services:

  • Associate member relations
  • Research and development of WIB-endorsed products and services
  • Endorsed and Group Purchase Program webinars
  • Endorsement/due diligence process
  • Status of WIB-endorsed products and services RFP submissions
  • Getting the most out of your WIB bank membership
  • Endorsed and Group Purchase Programs information

Contact: Betty House, Senior Vice President, Product Development/CTO, at betty@wib.org or (415) 352-3222; or Matt Langley, Coordinator, Products & Services, at matt@wib.org or (415) 352-3237.

Education & Speaking Opportunities:

  • Speaking opportunities at WIB educational events
  • WIB workshops, seminars and webinars
  • Co-sponsorship of educational events
  • Certification programs

Contact: Tarita Whittingham, Vice President, Education Development, at tarita@wib.org or (415) 352-3228.

WIB Publications & Education Marketing:

  • Writing for Western Independent Banker Magazine and eDigests (WIB Associate members only)
  • Advertising in Western Independent Banker magazine, WIB website, conference program books and in WIB eDigests 
  • Education program marketing
  • WIB website
  • WIB marketing and branding (print and online)
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Webinar presentation and delivery
  • Public relations & media inquiries

Contact: Nancy Jennings, Vice President, Communications, at nancyj@wib.org or (415) 352-3235.

Marketing, Products & Services:

  • Marketing brochures and materials
  • Use of WIB Service Corporation logos
  • Social media and blogging
  • Products & Services marketing

Contact: Rebecca Mulligan Santos, Marketing Specialist, at rebecca@wib.org or (415) 352-3229.

WIB Membership and Changes:

  • Contact changes
  • Membership status
  • Information in the online WIB Products & Services directory
  • Information systems administration

Contact: Allan Chan, Data & Analytics Manager, at allan@wib.org or (415) 352-3233.

Finance, Operations & HR:

  • Financial operations
  • Accounts payable & receivable
  • Human resources

Contact: Craig Fox, Senior Vice President, CFO/COO, at craig@wib.org or (415) 352-3226.

Conference Registration:

  • Season Pass use or purchase
  • Registration or confirmation for WIB conferences and events
  • Workshops and seminars logistics

Contact: Ellie Rovira, Programs & Registration Manager, at ellie@wib.org or (415) 352-3231.

Not sure who you need to contact?Just send us a note and we'll get back to you. info@wib.org or give us a call at (415) 352-2323. Or you can fax us at (415) 352-2314.