Western Independent Bankers delivers premier learning opportunities to the banking industry in the form of conferences, workshops webinars and distance learning. WIB sources the top industry experts who provide best practices, solutions, industry trends and forecasts to help community bankers identify opportunities and cope with industry challenges.


There is no more important association for community bankers in the West than WIB. During these challenging times that all community banks face, WIB is focused on making our bankers better bankers, and our banks better banks. The workshops, conferences and webinars are world-class and can help us achieve excellent results and be top performers among our peers.


Russ Colombo, President & CEO, Bank of Marin

Educational Focuses Include:

  • Leadership
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Compliance & Risk
  • Lending & Credit
  • Technology & Cybersecurity
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Payments & Operations
  • Human Resources & Training
  • Director's Issues
  • M&A
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