Web Pass

12 Months of Unlimited Education

A Web Pass Membership grants single-registration access to ALL of Western Independent Banker’s regular online education (both live and replay) for 2017!  Like a season pass to a sporting event, the Web Pass provides an institution a transferable registration to every webinar WIB offers.  With over 200 webinars scheduled for 2017, this means that bank employees can be registered for different events depending on their area of interest!   Additionally, each single-registration is accompanied by three (3) additional complimentary registrations.

Benefits At-A-Glance

  •          Web Pass Members enjoy WIB webinars for a full 12 months at one low price of $1,995 for Members and $4,995 for Non Members. ALL Webinars, Live-Streaming events, Bootcamps, and Day-long 360 are included...for 2017 that means more than 200 planned events!
  •     Pricing works out to be less than $10 per webinar. And with three additional complimentary registrations for each webinar, you're looking at less than $2.50 per attendee.
  •     Single registration for 12 months at one low price (12 months starting from time of purchase)
  •     Registration is transferable so different people can attend different events
  •     Playbacks to all covered events are included free with Web Pass, even if you don't attend the event
  •     You'll have access to slides, handouts and any other materials available for each session
  •     Certifications and Executive Briefings are significantly discounted for Web Pass Members

Purchase Web Pass 

To buy your Web Pass or for questions about the program contact Ellie Rovira at ellie@wib.org or call (415) 352-3231.

Web Pass

Non-member price: $4,995.00

Want full access to our conferences?
Purchase a Season Pass

Plan your entire year of education with WIB.  Buy a WIB Season Pass including unlimited WiBinars and discounted registrations to WIB conferences.  For questions about our any of Season Pass programs contact Ellie Rovira at ellie@wib.org or call (415) 352-3231.

Web Pass