WIB offers a comprehensive selection of webinars, bringing the latest in community bank education direct to your desktop. All the topics you’ve come to expect from WIB – technology, HR, finance, M&A, compensation, Directors issues and more, are covered in a comprehensive, cost-effective and easily accessible format.

Upcoming Webinars

4/4/2017The New Reality: Millenials, Management, and Flexibility
April 4, 2017
4/4/2017GAAP Financial Statement Issues for Banks
April 4, 2017
4/4/2017401k Plan of the Future
April 4, 2017
4/5/2017Understanding Behavior, Strengths, & Other Team Assessments
April 5, 2017
4/5/2017Designing a Comprehensive Interest Rate Risk Program
April 5, 2017
4/5/2017BSA Baseline Compliance
April 5, 2017
4/6/2017Cybersecurity Monitoring & Security Incident Response
April 6, 2017
4/10/2017UCA Cash Flow Series
April 10 - 11, 2017
4/11/2017Understanding Your Commercial Borrower & Their Business
April 11, 2017
4/12/2017Creating a Culture of Excellence
April 12, 2017
4/17/2017Directors' Role in Credit Risk Management
April 17, 2017
4/17/2017Minimizing Personal Liability As a Director
April 17, 2017
4/19/2017Strategies To Win the War
April 19, 2017
4/19/2017Using Digital Marketing To Grow Accounts
April 19, 2017
4/19/2017Tax Analysis Series
April 19 - 20, 2017
4/26/2017Global Cash Flow
April 26, 2017
4/27/2017Introduction To IRAs
April 27, 2017
5/2/2017Lending To Professionals in Medical, Legal, & Accounting
May 2, 2017
5/3/2017Strategic Planning for M&A
May 3, 2017
5/9/2017Secondary Repayment Sources Series
May 9 - 10, 2017
5/11/2017Strategic Key Risk Indicators (KRI) for Effective ERM
May 11, 2017
5/16/2017Facilitated Learning Techniques & Tips
May 16, 2017
5/16/2017Commercial Loan Structuring
May 16, 2017
5/17/2017To Flip or Not To Flip... The Classroom
May 17, 2017
6/7/2017Account Titling, Ownership, & Signatories
June 7, 2017
6/14/2017Social Engineering Update
June 14, 2017
8/1/2017What Is My Bank Worth?
August 1, 2017

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Webinar Details
All registrants receive a toll-free number and web link to access the webinar. All webinars include an interactive question and answer period with the presenters and all registrants will receive a copy of the presentation, and any other presentation materials, upon the completion of the webinar.

As an added benefit, all registrants will receive a recorded playback of the webinar. The playback is a media file that contains the recorded presentation with audio. You may use the playback to present to other members of your staff or to use for internal training purposes. It is also perfect for those interested in the topic but unable to attend.

Cancellation Policy
We regret that cancellations received 3 days or less from the webinar date will not receive a refund.

Money Back Guarantee
Complete satisfaction or your registration fee cheerfully refunded. Please contact us within 10 days following the webinar.

Benefits of Webinars

WIB educational webinars address timely issues facing independent bank professionals. From the convenience of your desk, these 60-minute webinars provide you with a cost-effective way to stay abreast of industry information and trends affecting community banks, as well as provide the bank with a low-cost option to effectively train and educate their directors.

Present a Webinar

If you are interested in presenting your hot topic or best practice to community bankers, contact Hannah Day at hannah@wib.org.