The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors

Revised Edition

The Ultimate Guide for Bank Directors, Revised Edition is written by two former bank regulators and provides bank directors a roadmap for navigating the challenges facing the banking industry today.  It is a fast-paced reference guide for understanding the duties and responsibilities of bank directors, including up-to-date information on such topics as Basel III, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, cybersecurity and risk management.  This book provides a wealth of insight and best practices gleaned from the authors’ many years of regulating banks, and contains practical advice, including how to spot red flags in board reports and when to ask questions of bank management.

The book provides background on the history of banking and its regulators, including the FDIC, the Federal Reserve, the Comptroller of the Currency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and state banking departments.  It gives valuable insight into how regulators arrive at bank ratings and what they review during bank examinations.

The book outlines how to select directors, the formation of board committees and important policies every bank should have.  It also details the duties of bank directors, such as the duty of care, the duty of loyalty and the business judgment rule. When banks encounter difficulties, directors can turn to this book for advice on how to work with regulators and address potential enforcement actions.

The book also gives an overview of the important consumer compliance laws, including the Bank Secrecy Act, Truth in Lending and Fair Lending laws. This is required reading for all new board members or individuals aspiring to become bank directors.  It is also a perfect tool for seasoned directors who need a refresher course on banking and corporate governance.

About the Authors:

Catherine Ghiglieri is the former Texas Banking Commissioner, where she regulated state banks in Texas.  Ms. Ghiglieri also spent 18 years at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency regulating national banks in various parts of the country.  She is President of Ghiglieri & Company, a bank consulting firm in Austin, Texas specializing in corporate governance matters, strategic planning, and litigation support.

Jewell D. Hoover is the former Deputy Comptroller for the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s Western District.  She spent 28 years with the Comptroller’s Office regulating national banks in the eastern, southern and western United States.  She now serves on numerous boards, including a publicly traded financial institution.

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