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WIB Service Corporation

WIB Service Corporation is owned by Independent Banks — The Members of WIB

WIB Service Corporation was established in 1994 by WIB’s Board of Directors as a wholly owned subsidiary of WIB. 


To provide high-quality, value-added services and products which enhance the competitive advantage of WIB members.

WIB-Endorsed Programs

WIB Service Corporation saves banks time and money, and improves profitability by connecting decision-makers to innovative, solid industry product and service providers. WIB Service Corporation conducts a strenuous selection process before putting the stamp of approval on an elite group of programs that meet the highest industry standards and help to reduce costs, operate more efficiently, and compete more effectively.

For information on any of the long list of WIB Endorsed Programs that can help your bank grow and prosper, contact Betty House, Senior Vice President, Product Development/CTO, at or (415) 352-3222.


WIB Service Corporation Staff

For questions on:

  • Research and development of WIB-endorsed products and services
  • WIB Endorsed Programs (WIB Service Corporation)
  • Vendors interested in becoming endorsed Endorsed Program partners
  • Endorsed Program Information and how the bank can best use them
  • Endorsement/Due Diligence Process
  • Status of WIB-endorsed products and services RFP submissions
  • Co-sponsorship with WIB of educational events
  • Co-marketing or Partnership Activities
  • Certification Programs

Contact: Betty House, Senior Vice President, Product Development/CTO, at or (415) 352-3222; or Matt Langley, Coordinator, Products & Services, at or (415) 352-3237.